The Bloom

The Bloom

Image courtesy of Mark Bruce

The Bloom is a four-piece indie rock band out of East London, formed in 2014.

Lead singer and guitarist, Luke Kordyl spent years travelling, surfing, working odd jobs, writing songs and playing guitar. In 2012 he moved from Western Australia to the U.K. looking to turn the songs and ideas he had into a band.

The Bloom’s music appeals to people who love a little pop with their rock but also like to dig a little deeper. Sunny, feel-good emotions are counter-balanced by a darker undertone. Strong songwriting is at the heart of all of their songs.

Of his compositions Luke says “I just wanted to make fun music that’s easy to listen, sing and dance along to. Travelling for as long as I did really opens your eyes to what’s going on around you. Every little scenario you find yourself in is worthy of a story and I think that’s what our songs are. Short stories set to music”.

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